Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Classic, Timeless Decor You Can't Go Wrong With

Hi friends!!!  Today I wanted to share some tips and ideas on what I feel, is classic and timeless decor.  Sometimes, people struggle with decorating in two basic areas.  A lot feel intimidated to choose paint color.  It's just paint, it's inexpensive and if it's wrong, you can just repaint!  The next thing people seem to struggle with is picking decorative accessories.  I get that, there's a lot out there and it can be overwhelming and confusing.  Today, I'm going to share 3 ideas that are timeless and classic.  They go with virtually any decor, so they are really things you can't go wrong with!  Win win!

1.  Tortoise
Tortoise what, you ask?  Tortoise anything!  
Tortoise is a neutral, thus the reason you can use it in any room.

Here are a few ideas you can use.

Tortoise Glasses.

You may remember, I actually got mine at Hobby Lobby, but they no longer sell them.  Which makes me sad, because they were sooooo cheap!

Here is a lovely set on ebay, that also comes with a tray!  Only $30 for the set!  Such a great price on thise lovely set.

Image 1
Set of 4, $60

Tortoise Vases

matchbookmag:    The Matchbook girl…treats herself to fresh blooms! :) (Taken with instagram)

I see these in HomeGoods from time to time and the next time I see one, it's coming home!

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen...

this one I scored!  I don't think I mentioned it on instagram, but I found this one at Goodwill for $3.99!  See, it pays to thrift and thrift often!

2.  Blue and White Porcelain/China

Blue and white goes with anything.  
I decorate with a lot of black and white and blue and white look great with it!

See the little planter on the bottom shelf of my bar cart?  It looks great with all that black and white!

This one has a lid and I display it year round with and without blooms.
Both of these pieces were purchased at the thrift store and all together set me back about $5.

Here's something else that I just LOVE!

Shanghai Lotus Candle

3.  Staffordshire Dogs

Greek key Roman Shade, staffordshire dogs, campaign cabinetry  room by Design Manifest

Staffordshire-dog figurines and vases of flowers decorating a table

These porcelain pups have been around since the Victorian era.  They come in a variety of sizes, colors and price points.

Vintage Pair of Staffordshire Dogs

Purchase @ KembleRichards on Etsy  $78

Disraeli Hearth Dog England

Purchase @ allthatsvintage56 on Etsy  $45

2 Antique English Staffordshire Stoneware Pottery Dogs Set White Earthenware Mantle Dog Pair England

Purchase @ OldGLoriEstateSale $348

I love these little guys, but have not been fortunate enough to find an affordable pair.  Still on the hunt, though!  You know I'll find them eventually!  ;)

They really look gorgeous anywhere!

How about you?

Do you decorate with any of these classics?  I would love to hear about it!

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for my progress on the One Room Challenge!



  1. Fabulous post! I am a huge fan of tortoise, Staffordshire dogs, and blue and white! You have such a great eye... such lovely tablescapes and vignettes! I love it all!!

    The Glam Pad

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I'm so glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the post!


  2. I love the tortoise glasses I have a set of 8 and use them for everyday, also when I have company. I bought them at a kitchen store that went out of business years ago still love them.
    Also love the staffordshire dogs I am always on the look out for another set of white ones

  3. What a great list! I got some tortoise glass ornaments at HL probably the same time you got your glasses. Some of my favorites! A pair of Staffordshire dogs is on my list...some day I'll find some!

  4. Great Post! Love the tortoise glass and blue/white china.
    Do you know where this design originated? I see a lot that have more of an Asian feel and some more French toile.