Monday, July 6, 2015

Fashion Files!!!

Hi Glam readers!  
It's been a while since I've done a fashion files post, quite a few months actually.
Several weeks ago when I was in South Florida, I was able to go thrifting and found some really cute dresses.  I thought it would be fun to share one of them with you.  I have to say, I really love dresses for several reasons.  First of all, I'm on the petite side at just 5'1 and I always feel like a dress elongates me.  Additionally, they're a cooler option in this Florida heat.  I also like they they're chic and effortless.

Displaying IMG_5001 (2).JPG

This dress with it's bright coloring and floral pattern felt fresh for Summer!

Displaying IMG_5002 (2).JPG

Displaying IMG_5026 (2).JPG

I like that you can dress it up or down depending on your mood.  Here I paired it with wedges, but I've also worn it with heels for a dressier look, and it's really cute with flat sandals as well.

Displaying IMG_5070 (2).JPG

Again, I really like the coloring.  I love bright clothes, especially in Summer.

Displaying IMG_5045 (2).JPG

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This dress set me back $5.98 and I think it was worth every penny!

I've gotten pretty lucky lately with my clothing finds while out thrifting and I'll be sharing quite a few more things with you soon!

How about you?

Have you found any great wardrobe staples thrifting?

I would love to hear about them!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five Under Five At Anthropologie!

Hi Glam readers!
It's Friday and today's roundup comes from Anthropologie!
Anthro is one of my favorite places on the planet!  I just feel like it's so wonderfully curated.
Shopping there is an experience for all the senses.  The music is incredible, the scents intoxicating and the products are a treat for the eyes!
Right now, they're having their tag sale and there are several items $5 and under!

How cute are these for Summer!?  They were originally $6.00 and are now marked down to $2.95!!

I really love these bowls.  The red, white and blue makes them perfect for a patriotic celebration as well!  These were $10.00 and are marked down to $4.95.

Do you have a furniture project you're working on?  These knobs are a great way to makeover any piece of furniture!  They're a great deal too!  They were $10 and now are on sale for $2.95.

I love these french plates!  They would make a fun addition to any party.
They were $10 and now are $4.95.

The colors and patterns in these cocktail napkins are really beautiful.  
I love them because they're so unique!  These were $6.00 and are now $3.96.

If you purchase online, there is an additional 20% off as well!

How about you?

Are you an Anthro fan?

Have you found something lovely there for your home?

I would love to hear about it!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cobalt Faux Bamboo Dresser Reveal!!!!

Hello lovelies!  It's Wednesday and things are busy around here as usual.
We're trying to squeeze all the fun we possibly can into every moment of Summer.
As a result, I'm running around with the littles non-stop to make the most of it.
I'm trying to get things in a better routine on the furniture side of things and I have a few projects I've been working on that I want to share with you.

This is the before.  Obviously in need of some love.  The hardware was pretty awesome though and you all know I love a good faux bamboo piece!

I decided to go with a deep cobalt and I have to say, I love the way it turned out!

Incredibly more chic, no?

I think the hardware really pops now!

It's a vintage piece made by Armstrong.  
I just love taking these old, forgotten pieces and giving them new life!

It's the first time I've done a piece cobalt and I think it really suits the style here.

What do you think?

Do you have any colored furniture in your home?

I think a bold statement piece goes a long way!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Vintage Shopping In Daytona!!

Hi Glam readers!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  
On Saturday, I went out to a few thrift stores in Daytona.
I didn't really find much in the way of finds at the thrift store.  I did find one good faux bamboo tray that I brought home.  
Along the way, I found an awesome antique mall called Our Old Stuff.
It was such a great spot!  It was pricey, as antique malls are.  However, it was chock full of amazing vintage furniture!  Tons of great stuff all in one spot.  I just had to take pictures to share it all with you.

I thought these lamps were stunning!  They were selling as a pair.

I also really loved these lucite towel bars.

They had tons of Mid Century and Danish modern furniture!

Look at the the gorgeous lines on that armoire!!!

Beautiful vintage glassware.

More furniture eye candy than I've seen in one spot in a long time!!

I really loved these candlesticks they reminded me of the sputnik and starburst designs that were so popular mid century.

I thought these vintage palm tree glasses were really cool!  
You guys know I have a thing for vintage glassware.

Dorothy Thorpe glassware.

I thought this shelving unit was really cool!

More fabulous vintage furniture!

Gorgeous little vintage desk!

This room divider was stunning!  I thought it would be amazing in a small apartment or studio to create different living sections.  I actually found the identical one in Chicago a while back, but it wouldn't fit in my van.  :(

Last, they had this incredible chrome and glass dining set.  Admittedly, the fabric leaves a lot to be desired, but imagine it finished in something more lovely.  Blue velvet, maybe?

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of one of my new favorite spots!

How about you?

Do you have any favorite vintage spots?

I would love to hear about them!

Are any of them in Florida?

I can't wait to learn about your favorite spots!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Spruce Up Your Office For $10 Or Less!!

Hi Glam readers!

Can you believe we're half way through this year?!
The month of June always makes me want to reassess where I'm at and if I'm on track with my goals for the year.  One of the best ways for me to stay on track is to stay organized, so for me making sure that my office is up to par is really important. 

Lately, I've found some really fun office accessories to make staying on task stylish as well.

A couple of weeks ago I found these pencils at TJ Maxx.  They came in fun colors and were marked with various sayings embossed in gold.
They were only $3.99!

I also picked up these file folders.  They came in shades of blue and red and they're embossed with gold anchors, boats and pineapples.  These were just $5.99 for a set of 9.

Gold Flamingo, Gold Print Animal, Cute Flamingo, Tropical Bird, Bird Art, Faux Gold Flamingo, Animal Print, Animal Poster, Flamingo Poster

Every office needs a bit of artwork!  This gold foil flamingo print is just $5.00 on Etsy.

Nate Berkus™ Gold Oversized Paper Clips

These gold paper clips are glam and functional!  I love that they're just $2.99.

These are available at Target at well and they're just $3.99!

How about you?

Does staying organized help you stay on task?

How are your yearly goals coming?

I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration to chase those dreams!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nature's Color Palatte: Navy And Green

Hi Glam readers!
Have you ever noticed that the world around us gives us some really good cues
as to what colors work well together?  If you see it in nature, it works...always.
The other night, I was sitting outside in a little courtyard in downtown Saint Augustine and happened to glance up at the night sky.

It was a beautiful reminder that inspiration is everywhere...especially in nature!  I looked up and saw the lime green palm leaves against the navy night sky and it took my breath away.
It made me want to explore this color palatte more!

For a put-together look, pair one bold chartruese piece with other pieces done in complementary pattern fabrics. Complete the look with richly-toned solid hues- we love the navy + chartruese pairing in this living room.

I like all the kelly green and navy in this house (Homearama 2014 Asheville Model)

Dining room walls are Frank Blue by Sherwin-Williams — a conservative, masculine color that's sexy in this context. The mahogany table and chairs are 18th-century Regency; diamond-weave rug is from Dash  Albert.

House Beautiful

Alessandra Branca and Steve Uihlein : Alessandra Branca's Chic Bahamas Getaway : Architectural Digest

Personalize a bathroom or powder room with these creative ideas for mixing and matching your favorite colors.

Dark dining space with emerald chairs, Sputnik light fixture, and blue and white porcelain d├ęcor

Pictures of Emerald Green Spaces | Color Palette and Schemes for Rooms in Your Home | HGTV

What do you think?  Stunning, isn't it?

Have you been inspired by nature to decorate your home?

What natural color palattes have you used?

I would love to hear about it!