Monday, August 24, 2015

HGTV's High/Low List Even LOWER!!!!

Hi Glam readers!!

It's been a while since I tackled an HGTV High/Low List, so today I thought I would do so.
If you haven't already checked out the current issue, you definitely need to grab it!  It's a really great issue!

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First up, that fabulous yellow x-bench!  

Safavieh Mystic Ottoman - Color: Yellow

The exact same as their "low", except you can get this on for $160 at Wayfair.
That's a $100 savings!!!

The Sabrina Soto pillow is definitely the lowest option for this style pillow at $30.  
You can purchase it at Target.

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I found the exact same option as their "low", but at a lower price.  You can purchase this one through Decorators Best at just $30 a roll!

That's a total savings of  $118 for the same, exact look!!

What do you think?

Do you like these options for your home?

Would  they work with your personal style?

I would love to hear about your home!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Five Under $5: Stylish Storage

Hi Glam readers!  It's FRIDAY!!  It's also my birthday, so if you something nice for yourself today!  Buy a new pair of shoes, or at the very least drink some exceptionally good coffee!!!!  I promise, you'll thank me ;)

Today, I thought, I share some great storage solutions at even better prices with you.

These storage boxes are as stylish as they are affordable!  At just $3.99, these are great to use just about anywhere.

These are available from Ikea as well and they are $4.99 for a 2 pack!

These are also just $4.99 from Ikea.  They also come in various sizes, as well as magazine file boxes.
I think the color is great too.  Perfect for adding some color to your office!

These are $4.99 as well.  I like the natural wood finish, but of course, they could be painted any color depending on your style/color preferences!

These drawer dividers come in packs of three for $1.99, I think they're great for keeping smaller drawers organized.

So there you have it!  Great storage solutions, all at $5 or less!

How about you?

Have you found any great storage solutions lately?

I would love to hear about them!!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fashion Files!!

Hi Glam readers!
Today, I thought I would share one of my latest thrift store finds.
This one happens to be a great Summer dress.  I know Summer is almost over, but when you live in Florida, it feels like it's always Summer...because it pretty much is.

This chiffon maxi dress is perfect for braving the hot, Florida sun!

The lightweight material is perfect and I love the vibrant colors in this one!

I love dresses like these because you can dress them down with sandals or wear them with heels and a top know for dressier occasions.

The dress is by Forever21 and I found it at Goodwill.

This particular dress set me back $6.99.
Not too bad!

How about you?

Do you thrift for wardrobe finds?

Have you found anything good lately?

I would love to hear about it!


Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY Recap AND A Hunting Trip!!

Hi Glam readers, today I'm off hunting for great thrifted and vintage finds in the Tampa area.  Be sure to follow Goodwill Glam on Instagram to follow me on my hunting trip! I thought it would be fun to share a favorite past project in case you happened to miss the tutorial.

DIY Statement Pillow

Hi friends!  Today, I want to share with you a quick, easy DIY tutorial.
I love a statement pillow!  In fact, I have a thing for pillows in general.  I just think it's an easy, inexpensive way to refresh your look.
Last week, I was reading through some of my favorite blogs when I came across this fun idea from
So cute, right?  I love her blog!  If you get a chance, hop over and check it out!
Anyway, it totally inspired me to do my own version.  Most of you know, I work at home.  If any of you are in a similar position, you know that you have to be a self starter!!  If you're going to accomplish your goals, you're gonna have to HUSTLE!!!  So that's the word I decided to use for mine.
Here are the supplies you need:
Blank pillow cover
(Mine is the lumbar pillow from World Market in peacock blue.  On sale for $9.99)
Single strand sequin trim.  (Mine's from Jo-Ann Fabric)

Here are the supplies you need:
Blank pillow cover
(Mine is the lumbar pillow from World Market in peacock blue.  On sale for $9.99)
Single strand sequin trim.  (Mine's from Jo-Ann Fabric)

The peacock hue is the perfect compliment to the Schumacher fabric on the little chair that I blog from every day!

I love how bright the gold sequins are against the dark color!

It's such a quick and easy project!  You should definitely try this one for yourself!
The one thing I recommend is going very slowly with the fabri-tac as it can be a bit clumpy to deal with at times.  I ended up doing a half part of a letter at a time with the glue, then laying down the sequin and so on.

I think it will be a fun reminder every morning in my work chair!

What do you think?
Will you try it?

What would yours say?

I'd love to know if you try it, how yours turns out!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Don't forget to "hustle".  :)


Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five Under $5!!!

Hi Glam readers!  It's Friday!
Time for another round up of fun finds for $5 and under!
A few weeks ago I was shopping with my Aunt at Bealls Outlet.  I was really surprised at some of the great items and prices!

I loved these tote bags!  At just $3.99, they're perfect for grabbing a few things on the go!

They also had these great gold dot desk accessories!!  
You all know I love anything with a splash of gold.

All the desk accessories were priced at $3.99-$4.99

They had these great monogrammed hurricanes.
I loved that the outside of them were frosted while the insides had a mercury glass feel.
These were just $4.99.

How about you?

Any great, affordable finds lately?

I would love to hear about them!!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Sources For Affordable Wall Art!

Hi Glam readers!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
My brother is in town visiting from Texas, which is awesome.  I haven't been able to see him for several years and he makes me laugh harder than just about anyone on the planet!  We also got to spend some time with some really good friends this weekend and it was all very good for my heart.  I've been going through a tough time for several months and it was just what I needed to pick me up.
Don't you love it when that happens?  Laughter really is the best medicine!

At any rate, today I wanted to share some sources with you that I thought you would find helpful.

I happen to love a good gallery wall.  If you remember, I had a gallery wall in our bedroom back in Saint Charles when we lived in the Chicago area.

It can take time to assemble a good gallery wall.  Thankfully there are a lot of great resources out there for affordable artwork and prints that make the process much easier!

Society6 offers a large selection of really affordable prints!!!  Honestly, there's so many great options to choose from it's hard to decide.  
Here are a few of my favorites:

I happen to love all the prints from this artist.  This particular print is $23 for an 8x10.

I love this one because it reminds me of  artwork from Gray Malin, which I love!  This is much more affordable though and is available in various sizes.

This one is also available on Society6.  It's available in several sizes ranging in price from $16 to $48.

Hobby Lobby carries these gallery art collections.  They're one of my favorite finds because you get several prints in various sizes!  I believe they're priced at $14.99, which is a STEAL!  Plus, you can always use your 40% off coupon if they don't happen to be on sale that week.
They're are several collections to choose from, so you're sure to find to something that will work for your gallery.

These are just a few of my favorite resources for affordable wall art.  I have a few more that I'll be sharing in the future.

How about you??

Do you have a favorite source for affordable wall art?

I would love to hear about it!!!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five Under $5!!!

Hi Glam readers!!!
It's Friday and you're still breathing!  You made it through this week!
Time for another round up of fun finds under $5!

The Dollar Spot at Target always has good finds!  The new selection is no exception.

I always like to have note cards on hand.  These come 8 to a pack for $1.

These birthday cards are right up my alley!  Black and white and gold?!
  Perfection!  The dollar price tag isn't bad either.

They also have these cute little journals for $1.

Being a list maker, I love these little "to do" notepads!  These are also $1.

Last, but not least, these decorative pails are great for all sorts of things.
You can use them for desk organizers, small planters, to corral makeup brushes and the list could go on and on.

How about you?

Have you found anything great for under $5 lately?

I would love to hear about it!