Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 4!

Hi Glam readers!  It's officially week four of the One Room Challenge hosted by
 Linda at Calling It Home.  If you're here for the first time and you want to catch up, you can check out the whole process:

At this point, I'm feeling pretty nervous because I'll be gone nearly the last week leading up to the reveal, which means...that's right...I pretty much have to finish everything in the next 10 days.

This week, we tackled a massive project and refinished the bed.

It's not my favorite, design wise.  It felt heavy and dated, but this is Goodwill Glam, after all.  No budget to just go out and get a new bed, so using what you have and making the best of it seemed like the best option, because it was the only option

Enter nine billion rolls of tape to get all the mirrored portions taped off.

This is right after we got it back in place and started removing the tape.  The fabric I ordered for the headboard insets didn't come yet.  They were supposed to be here Monday, but apparently got sent to Daytona and rerouted to Orlando.  Fingers crossed they'll get it here in the next day or two.

Here's a reminder of what I picked for that:

Faux Leather Vinyl Ostrich White Upholstery 54" Wide - By the Yard

I think it's going to add amazing texture! 
 I did get my euro shams sewn with the fabric that arrived last week.

Then, I started playing around with adding more pattern play to the mix.

These fab Greek Key pillows were on clearance at Target!
  I'm convinced it works with just about anything!

Then, I added a little leopard to the mix.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I'm in love with the way it's turning out!
It's amazing to me how fresh and crisp it's feeling.  So hard to believe it's the same bed!

I also found another mirror to add to my gallery.  
I'll be painting this gold and adding it to the mix.

I ordered some replacement hardware for my Draper chests.

They are always super fast with shipping and an amazing company to work with!  I'll be painting them an antique gold to match the details on the drawer fronts.

I decided to paint the dresser completely white after all your input last week, but it's not quite finished. 
 This week we need to:
1.  Finish painting the dresser
2.  Finish trim
3.  Paint the doors
4.  Make a final decision on artwork and hang it.
5.  Make MASSIVE curtains...the walls are 120 feet high
(figure out an effective way to hang massive curtains)
6.  Change out the lighting
7.  Style the etagere and side tables.
8.  Paint mirror and add it to the mirror gallery.
9.  Recover headboard inserts.
10.  Refinish ring pulls for draper chest.

No big deal, right?

I may be freaking out a little.
Okay, a lot.

Here's hoping I make it to the finish line!!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Posh Parties: An Afternoon In Paris!!

Hi Glam readers!  I hope this week is treating you well.
A few short weeks ago, my baby girl turned 6!  Where on Earth does the time go?
She's equal parts sweet and spunky and for a child, one of the most decisive people I know.  She decided months ago that she wanted a Paris party and today, I wanted to share some of the details of that special day with you all.

Bare with me, this post is going to be heavy on pictures!

Gorgeous cupcakes that were as tasty as they were beautiful.  Parisian pink, of course!

I found these lovely pastel butterflies in the dollar section at Michael's and used them to adorn the cake.

I used black tablecloths and covered the tables with "runners" of pink wrapping paper with black polka dots.

The little straws with the bows were one of my favorite details!

Treat cups in pink, black and white.

French meringues.

My silver champagne bucket was perfect for party horns!

Paris hat boxes.

"Merci" chalkboard with the party favors.

More pretty party details!

French lemonade, of course!

You can see in the background here that I hauled my pink sofa out to the park for the party.

Pink and poodles!

I also hauled Gigi's dresser out to use as display.  Originally, we were going to have the party inside, but the hall cancelled on us at the last minute.  I wasn't going to let a last minute change ruin the ambiance for Gigi's Paris party!

Of course, you need sparkly mustache crafts at a Paris party!

It was super inexpensive to do.  Pretty much everything came from the dollar store, the dollar section at Michael's or was something I already had in my home.

Most importantly, my sweet Gianna loved her day!

I hope you enjoyed this party as much as we did!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer For Target...Or "The Ones That Got Away"

Hi Glam readers!
It's Monday and yesterday was the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.
The line was much anticipated across the country, but probably most anticipated in Lilly's home
state of Florida.
Unfortunately, for me, we just moved back to Florida and when I got to the local store yesterday afternoon, the shelves were already completely cleared.

Here are the things I was eyeing:

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Porcelain Dessert Plates with 18kt Gold Embossed Rim - Set of 4

These were $25, which is a great price for plates with 18K gold trim!  

Honestly, how gorgeous are these?!  I love that the inside says "being happy never goes out of style"!
Any of your stores have these in stock?

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Porcelain Pineapple Serving Bowl - White with Gold Rim

This pineapple serving bowl was probably the thing I wanted most from the line!  It was $30 and being the pineapple lover that I am, it was the number one thing on my wishlist.  If any of you spot it, please let me know!  I don't want to pay three times the price on ebay!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Napkins with Pom Pom Trim - Set of 4

These were only $10 and probably the number two thing on my wishlist.  I love all the bright colors, just perfect for Summer and perfect for Florida!

I was able to score one thing that I was wanting.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Gold Plated Swizzle Sticks - Set of 4

This was one of the few things left and there was only one, so I snatched it up.

I'm sure there are many other things from the line I would have loved, but these are the things I had my eye on when they announced the launch.

If any of you see them, would you be a darling and give me a heads up?

How about you?

Did you score anything from the line?

I would LOVE to hear about it and live vicariously through you!  ;)


Thursday, April 16, 2015

ORC Week Three: Decisions And Progress!!

Hi Glam readers!
Can you believe we're in week THREE of the One Room Challenge?!
That means it's half way over, which makes me super nervous!  

cue palms sweating

I'm moving forward and this week, I'll need more input from you all!
Thankfully, last week you all made me feel great about my decision to "go dark" in the Master.
Honestly, most days lately I really wish I could go dark...completely off grid, any of you want to get a fake passport ready for me?  Just kidding.

Back to topic, this week I got a lot of the materials ordered that will further this project!

This gorgeous fabric just arrived today!

I will be making euro sham covers for the master with it.

When considering redoing the Master Bedroom furniture, one of my concerns was the panels in the headboard section of the bed.

It's difficult to see in the picture, but behind the pillows is two leather covered panel sections.

Upon further examination of the bed, the sections are removable, so I will be going with high gloss white on the bed and I've ordered this fabric to cover the panel sections:

Faux Leather Vinyl Ostrich White Upholstery 54" Wide - By the Yard

I think it will look pretty great!

Also, I'm playing around with incorporating this into the room design as well...

Black, Gold, and Silver

I worked on the mirror gallery wall as well as the dresser.

This is what it looked like before against the wall.

Dark on dark, TOO dark.

I painted the shell of the dresser white and it just pops off the wall!  The mirror gallery is making it come to life as well!

Here's my question...


Should I leave the drawers wood or paint them white as well?  With the bed going all white, it might make it feel a bit less "matchy, matchy".

What do you all think?

I also played around a bit with styling the dresser, but I'm not one hundred percent sold on it.
I'm sure I'll play around with it a bit more.

Playing around with styling is one of my favorite parts.  :)

Small changes for BIG impact, in my opinion!

This coming week, I'm hoping to get the bed project finished, that will be a big one so wish me luck!
I also want to get the euro shams sewn, come up with a solution for the curtain wall and decide on some art work.  Not sure I'll get it all done, but a girl can dream!

What do you all think?  I'm so happy to be making progress on this project!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

I can't wait to see what all the other linking participants have planned!