Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites!!!

Hi Glam readers!  I hope you all had a great week!
It has been busy around crazy busy.
Today is Friday though!  I'm hoping to get to spend a little bit of fun down time with my kiddos this weekend since it's been all business around here.

It's been a few weeks since I shared Friday Favorites, 
so I just had to share some of my latest finds with you!

Have you guys shopped at Zara Home?  It's pretty amazing!

How beautiful is this breakfast set?!  It certainly would be a treat to have your coffee or tea in these in the morning.  White and gold makes for glam perfection!

I love this!  It's really unique and I think in the right setting it would have a decidedly Hollywood Regency feel.

This is elegant and practical all at the same time.  These look great in offices, but I use mine in styling vignettes as well.  They look chic perched atop a set of books.

I've been looking for new bedding for when we move and I think this one is a great option!  I love the wide contrasting ribbon effect.

I have a thing for great lamps.  I have quite a few great ones especially, since I use them for staging furniture.  This palm tree design is especially cool!

What about you?

Do you shop Zara home?

Have you purchased anything from there that you love?

I would love to hear about it!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dekton Contest Winner: Biaggi Cucina!

Hi Glam readers!  If you remember, a couple of months back I was fortunate enough to partner with 
Cosentino when they unveiled their new product, Dekton.

It was a beautiful event, but I was even more impressed with the product!

Dekton can be used in many capacities, as siding, countertops, flooring, even building facades.  It's actually stronger than quartz, which for many years, was the strongest thing on the market.  It is highly UV resistant, highly scratch resistant, resistant to stains, highly resistant to heat and fire, resistant to abrasion and resistant to ice and thawing!  The incredible durability of the product makes it ideal for nearly any project as well as more budget friendly in the long run!

We held a contest with South Florida designers to see who submitted the best design using the product.
There were many great submissions, but this design submitted by George Munoz of Biaggi Cucina really won us over!

Isn't it just gorgeous?!  I love the touches of teal they incorporated.  You can see the use of the Dekton product in the bar area.  They specialize in kitchens, bathrooms and even closets for any room in your home.
If you are local to South Florida, you should definitely check them out for their amazing products and design!

Cosentino and I would like to thank all the designers who sent in submissions for this contest.
We are hoping to partner together in the future to do even more contests for this exciting new product.  Several new color choices were recently unveiled and the sky's the limit for design choices with this product!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Hunting In Nashville, Part 1

Hi Glam readers!
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go hunting in Nashville.
That city does not disappoint!  First of all, the smell of BBQ lingers in the air there and that alone is enough to make me love the place.
On top of that, there is great vintage there...seriously great!

The first shop I stopped at was called Savant and it was amazing!

Savant was tucked into what appeared to be an old house and 
filled to the brim with great vintage finds!

Check out the lucite furniture and those great hanging lamps!

It was extremely pricey, though.  If memory serves, this stunning glassware set was around $300.

More gorgeous glassware!

Love the stacked vintage suitcases!  They would make such a fun alternative to a side table or extra storage for pretty much anything!

I loved this cozy little nook too!
Velvet tufted perfection!

If you're ever in Nashville, definitely check them out, even if it's just to look at all their eye candy!

How about you?

Do you have any favorite shops in Nashville?

I'll be sharing a few more spots in a later post!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Five Under $5!!

Hi Glam readers!
I hope you all had a great week.
I traveled to Nashville and Illinois last week, everything has been quite a whirlwind around here and the trip combined with the last week's events have left my head spinning.
Crazy.  Travelling while trying to homeschool two children is crazy enough, but we're at a whole new level of crazy around here.

I didn't forget about you though.
Today, I thought I would share some of my latest frugal finds from
the dollar spot at Target.
I'm telling you, that place never disappoints!

How cute are these painted mason jars?!  I love the black and white polka dots!  It reminds me of Kate Spade, for a fraction of the price!

I thought these burlap banners were fun for Fall.  They were only $3 as well.

They had orange, black and natural burlap with black cats.  I think they would be super cute layered!

They had baker's twine in seasonal colors for just $1.  I really love the wooden spools they were on, it makes them look much more expensive!

Last, but not least, they had these 4 count sets of slate coasters for $3.  These are available in solid black and black with white polka dot.

Super cute round up of affordable items for Fall!

How about you?  Have you found any great items for Fall decor?

Have you found any great bargains lately?  I would love to hear about it!

Also, be sure to follow me on instagram!  I'll be doing another vintage flash sale this weekend!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just One More Reason I Want Emily Henderson To Come Live With Me...

Hey Glam readers!
As many of you know, Emily Henderson is the HGTV star who has become synonymis with effortless, chic style.  I love her because her personality seems to exude the exact same personality as her designs, warm yet quirky, effortlessly chic and organic.

I know it's very likely you've seen her latest design, but when I read her post yesterday I fell in love all over again and had to share it with you!

This is a Weekend Makeover she did for Target.

I have to say, I didn't think I would be that big of a fan of the mint and black, but it feels crisp, bright and fresh to me and I instantly fell in love!

I love that she incorporated some mixed metallics and wood.  It really feels like it grounds the room.

I love the credenza and media area and I think it was a brilliant use of the footprint of the house.

Every home needs a good serving cart, in my humble opinion.  This one is equal parts glam and streamlined.  I can't even begin to tell you how smitten I am with that wall covering either!!  

This dining room is beautiful!  I love the blush wall color and the gorgeous lighting!
The simple lines of the furniture keep it from feeling to over-the-top glam or girly.
It's a perfect balance!

So, Emily, any time you want...I'd be happy to move in!
Maybe we could do coffee and I could pick your brain for design ideas!
You just let me know when and where ;)

How about you?

Do you love Emily and her effortless style?

Has her design influenced your home at all?

I would love to hear about it!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Project Reveal!!! Vintage Dixie Makeover!

You all know I love a good project!  
I've been really fortunate lately to find some great pieces.  
Good furniture, with good bones, just begging for a makeover.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I love a good faux bamboo piece and I also love vintage campaign furniture.  A few weeks ago, I found a piece of furniture on Craigslist that was a combination of the two!
What could be better?

It was stamped "Dixie" and in great shape!  I thought it could use a little work though.  The brass was badly tarnished.

All the brass hardware was removed for polishing.  Serious elbow grease, people!  I might actually be able to do a pull up now, I built up so much upper arm strength scrubbing them!

Here you can see the difference after polishing!

It got a makeover with high gloss white and that brass just pops now!
I think it would be beautiful as nightstand, accent table just about anywhere, or even a bar cart/serving piece!

Isn't she so much better after!!?!

If you're local to the North Florida/South Georgia area, and interested in purchasing this fabulous piece for your home, feel free to contact me!  I even deliver :)

What do you think?

Do you love a good makeover?

Have you made over anything lately?

Found anything good on craigslist?

I would love to hear about it!


Friday, September 25, 2015

First Ever Friday Flash Sale!!!!!!

Hi Glam readers!
The first Friday flash sale goes live today!
Hop over to instagram to check out today's available items.

The sale will go live at 10:00 A.M. EST.
The first to comment with their paypal email, gets the item.
All payments must be made within 2 hours of invoice or the items will be made available again.

Go forth and vintage shop!