Monday, January 26, 2015

My White Box Challenge!!!

Hi Glam readers!  Remember HGTV Design Star? 
 I was very disappointed when it was cancelled and didn't run last year.  One of my favorite weeks on Design Star was the white box challenge!
It was so fun to watch how they took a plain white box and did amazing things in a very short time.

(All images via

They started with this totally blank canvas and then turned it into something amazing!

This room was one of my favorites!  The bold colors paired with the graphic punches are just my kind of thing.

This room in black and white and gold is also beautiful.

This room was amazing and I happened to have went to high school with Mark Diaz...crazy, I know!  He probably doesn't even remember me, because I think we only spoke like twice, but I'm pretty sure we would have been fast friends...given our love for design and all.  I assure you, he was just as adorable in high school...but I digress.
Amazing that someone could see past a plain, white box and see this!

Which brings me to my own challenge.  Remember when I mentioned that I would be tackling my biggest design challenge yet?  Hold on to your hats, because it's a little scary!

This is a 933 square foot room that was used as nothing more than a storage unit before.  What will it be?  Our apartment.  You still breathing?  

This space will be turned into an apartment/parsonage for the church we are now pastoring.  It was one, big open space so we had to come up with a floor plan that would work for us and maximize the limited space.  We started by coming up with the plan and framing out the rooms.

So far we've framed out all the rooms....

And we're nearly done with the drywall.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get the drywall finished in the next day or two and get a quote on the mudding/finishing of the walls this week.

It is my Everest.  I'm fully confident that it will be amazing when we're done!  I can't wait to show you more!

What do you think?

Have you ever designed a space completely from scratch before?

I have a clear vision in my head of the finished product and how nearly each space will be decorated, so that really helps.

Do you have any advice?

I would love any input you might have!  Or, if you just want to cheer me on, that would be fine too.
I could totally use the support!  ;)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five Under $5!!! The Cleaning/Organizing Edition

Hi Glam readers!!!  It's Friday!  I have a rather fun round up for you today.
As many of you know, I've started off the new year in a new state, Florida.  I always like to start off the new year with trying to get things in order.  With our parsonage still under construction, very few things are actually in order, but I'm craving order.  In the spirit of wanting to get things cleaned and organized, I thought that I would share some great finds that will help you while staying well within a budget.

Take the guesswork out of all those symbols on your clothing tags!  This magnet is handy and pretty.  Perfect to keep on the side of your washer or dryer to refer to for clothing care.

One of my favorite things is linens spray.  It's inexpensive but feels like a luxury!  I love just about anything paired with lavender, especially for linens!  This is going on my must try list!!

For some reason, everyone I know has a LARGE assortment of plastic bags leftover from grocery runs and trips to target.  These bags come in handy, but often aren't stored very well.  These pretty holders take care of that!  They are just $3 each.  I  especially love the yellow and aqua one because it has a Chinoiserie feel.

These little guys are too cute not to love!  Plus, they'll help your clothes come out free of static cling!!!

These are packaged cute enough for gift giving, but perfect for everyday use.  They are available in three different color sets.

I hope you enjoyed today's roundup!  A lot of functional and pretty ways to help you with cleaning and organizing in the new year!!

What about you?  Have you found any great ways to help you stay organized this year?

I would love to hear about it!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hunting Across The Country: Antiques In Amish Country

Hi Glam readers!!  I had so much fun hunting across the country as we made our way down to Florida!  As you may remember, my in-laws live in Amish country in Arthur, Illinois.
I always like to check out the antiques whenever I'm in town there.
This stop had such great finds!!!

Stick with me...there was so much great stuff, that I got a little picture happy.

First up, there's very little that I like more than vintage Christmas stuff.  That's not really what caught my attention here, though.  Do you spy the disco ball?!  Honestly, that's the last thing I ever thought I would spot in Amish country!  The two don't really go together in my head and it made me laugh to think of it being there!  :)

The feed sacks and vintage glass bottles caught my eye too.

If you remember, we made the trek down to Florida during the holiday season so there we tons of Christmas stuff out.

Love all the vintage Christmas cuteness!

Vintage "Jingle Bells" milk glass bowl and cup set!  

Blanc de Chine, anyone?!  I was so tempted to take these guys to add to my little collection, but as I mentioned, I was trying to reign myself in since I knew my stuff would be in storage a while.

Blue willow!!!  Quite an impressive collection and again, very tempting since I need to add to my Blue Willow set.

Loved this brass bookend/figurine!  They had another set of brass bookends that I loved even more though and they had been on my wishlist for a while...

Pair Vintage Brass Gazelle Bookends.  These can be pretty pricey, but I've seen them as cheap as $15 on ebay!

You better believe I scooped these up fast!  

They had tons of vintage soda crates, too!  I definitely want to get one, I think they would be so great for parties!

Jaunty little "toby mug".   Just look at his expression!

They had quite a lot of great vintage glassware and I also loved all the jadite!

Fab little blue and white creamer and sugar bowl!

I love that vintage "Kist" bottle and now that Valentine's Day is almost here, I'm kind of kicking myself for not grabbing it to decorate with!

More fabulous vintage glassware.

I fell in love with this turquoise vintage canister set as well!

Cute plaid canisters...perfect for decorating in the Fall and through the Christmas season.

How great are those white and gold Rx mortar and pestels?!!!  I'm still thinking about these little beauties!

So....did I get anything, you ask?

Yes,  I came home with the brass bookends I've long been wishing for.

Pair Vintage Brass Gazelle Bookends.  These can be pretty pricey, but I've seen them as cheap as $15 on ebay!

As well as the toby mug.

I have no idea what I'll do with him, but since I was heading for the sea, I figured I could use a captain hanging around!  ;)

Last, but not least....

That's right!  I took home the disco ball!  For no other reason than I think it would be great fun to decorate with and to casually tell people, "oh yeah, I picked that up in Amish country".
Think of conversations that could start!

How about you?

Have you been antiquing lately?

Any great finds?

I would love to hear about them!  I'm about 30 minutes from the nation's oldest city and I can't wait to go antiquing there!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Design Challenge: Tiny Kitchens

Hi Glam readers!  
I hope your you had a great weekend and that your Monday is treating you well so far!

In the upcoming weeks I will be facing some design challenges that are quite new to me.
I'm really excited about it and feel up to the task.  One of the things I will be designing is a tiny kitchen in a small apartment (just under 1,000 sq feet).
It will need to be functional, stylish (of course!) and maximize the small amount of space allotted.
The perk is that the ceilings are high, ten feet, so I can go vertical with storage or shelving.

Today, I'm rounding up some inspiration for a tiny kitchen!

It's amazing what a few Youtube how-to videos & $500 can do for a kitchen

This kitchen over at Remodelista is the stuff dreams are made of!  Sure, it's small, but look how stylish!  The subway tile is classic and all of the other finishes in the room are as well.  It leaves it feeling fresh without being dated.  I love the shelving on top of the cabinets, which I think will be perfect for the space I'm working with!

This kitchen featured over at Apartment Therapy is beautiful and oh so stylish!  I don't think it's the best use of the available wall space above the counter for storage, however.

This kitchen, featured at Apartment Therapy as well, has everything you would need even though it's a small space.  I love that they brought in artwork and a classic rug.  Those two pieces bring style to a space that might otherwise be bland.


This kitchen, featured over at Design Sponge is a kitchen in a 1930's London flat that was restored.  You all know I love to restore things to their former glory, so this one really resonated with me!  It was reworked by Phil Shakespeare, who also restores vintage furniture and upholstery.  You really should visit his website, mid century eye candy at it's finest!!!

There's plenty of beautiful inspiration out there for tiny kitchens!  I can't wait to try my hand at this design challenge.  I also can't wait to share the space with you that I'll be working on.  This week, drywall is being installed so it's a bit too messy to capture pictures, but I'm taking pictures every step of the way so I can share it all with you!

How about you?  

Do you have a tiny kitchen?  

Have you been able to optimize a small space?  

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!!!!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five Under $5!!!

Hi Glam readers!  It's Friday...everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief!
I have a very fun round up for you today.

Have you all been to Michaels lately?
They really have some cute stuff!

You all know I love just about anything monogrammed.  These monogrammed mason jars we're $4.00 if my memory serves.  I love that they are white too!  You could use them on a desk for pens and pencils or even as a little vase.  They would also make a great little gift for someone (hostess, teacher, etc.)!

They also have a new line of things by Sabrina Soto!  I really loved these binder clips!  I'm all about cute ways to keep things organized!  I believe these were $3.00.

Love, love, LOVE these mugs!  They were also part of her line.  Just $5.00.  I absolutely adore how colorful everything is!

These little zippered pouches were also part of Sabrina's line.  For just $3.00, these are a great and stylish way to corral all the stuff my dear, sweet five year old throws in my purse!

Cute and colorful monogrammed mugs for just $4.00!

I loved that all these finds were so bright and colorful!  What about you?  Have you found anything great at an amazing price lately??  I would love to hear about it!!!!