Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week Three

It's week three of the One Room Challenge.  We're half way there!

In case you're visiting for the first time, I'm in the process of redoing our dining room.
You can read about the whole process beginning here.

Last week, I shared our progress and gave you the two options we were looking at. 
 Here's what won out...

If you've read this blog before, you may remember that I am originally born and bred and South Florida.  I think the Floridian in me made this choice!  Or maybe it was the fact that we had another dose of Winter this week.  Whatever the reason, this is the direction we'll be heading and I could not be more thrilled!
I'm really not much of a neutral girl.  Give me black and white with pops of color any day!

I've mentioned before that I feel like if you can incorporate the way you dress into the way you design your home, you'll find that it makes you very happy and comfortable.  This room is combining three of my favorite things...kelly green, black and white stripes and leopard (my favorite neutral).
Yes, animal prints are a neutral but you want to be careful how you implement them and in what doses.  You could go Jersey Shore or crazy 80 year old from Boca real fast if you're not careful!

I went with Pantone's Online Lime for the accent wall.  It actually dries darker than the sample which ended up being perfect!  This past week has been a bit crazy, I got very sick and was out of commission completely for a good 24 hours and threw a birthday party for my daughter.  Monday, we set to work painting the dining room.  As I shared before, the three walls were painted white and the accent wall green.  Things are still a little crazy in the dining room, but I'll give you a sneak peek at how that wall turned out...

LOVE those chinoiserie panels so much more against the kelly wall!  I feel like it's a great color to pair Asian decor with because it doesn't read "Chinese restaurant".  You don't want your guests to walk in and ask for "combination 6 with fried rice and an egg roll"!  No sir, not the look I'm going for!  I think the green was the perfect choice!

I picked up these white "bamboo" plates by Jonathan Adler.  They were originally $14 per plate, but they were marked down to $6.99 and then an additional 40% off that because our local JC Penny is closing.

I'm so glad I grabbed them because I'm not sure if there was ever a better match for blue willow!

I also purchased solid black drapery panels.

I'm not 100% sure about the length, so if I get them hung and decide they aren't right, I'll add more length to the bottom with a fabric that will work in the room.  

We still have so much to do!  Next week involves more work and not a lot of "pretty".  We still need to cut the chair seat bases and cover all those, hang the chandelier, purchase more fabric for table linens, find window hardware...the list is loooong.  Oh, and I also need to decide on the other walls, particularly the window wall.  I would really love to find some candle sconces to flank the window, but so far I haven't found the perfect pair.

Here's a little more inspiration...
Luxe Report: Luxe Entertaining: Luxe Report Designs Tablescape Sneak Pease

Black and white stripes paired with bright colors and Palm Beach chic decor!  LOVE!  Oh, and I think I spot those white bamboo plates ;)

I hope the rest of you who are involved in this link up are getting through it and getting some sleep!  Just think, in three weeks we'll have beautiful, completed rooms to enjoy!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Table

If you follow me on instagram, you know that last week, was my sweet girl's birthday.
I mentioned a few week's ago that we would be using the new Oh Joy! for Target party line because it just happened to match my girl's favorite tutu.  On top of that, it's just so fresh and affordable.

Last Saturday, we had a few of my daughter's friends over for cupcakes.  Truthfully, it was a very simple party compared to years past.  Last year, I actually decorated for 5 hours the day before her party!  None of that this year.  I just didn't have as much time.  A few party things and we used plates, flatware and other things we had on hand.  It was as simple as it was lovely!  

A simple table set for the birthday girl and her friends.

We used a vintage chenille coverlet for the tablecloth.

Coral, peachy roses match the birthday girl's skirt!

I couldn't resist the "Happy Day" sign because it's really perfect for any occasion!

Simple cupcakes with "HOORAY" cupcake toppers.

Spring colored cookies.

I couldn't find the Oh Joy! treat bags at any of our Target's but they had some others that worked with the color scheme!

Most of all, the birthday girl loved it!

The jack in the box was a huge hit!

With Easter being this weekend, I thought these colors would work beautifully for an Easter/Spring themed soiree!

How about you?  

Have you picked up any of this fabulous party line yet?  

I would love to hear how you plan on using it!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Round Up!

Hi all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I'm starting off the week with a round up my favorite Easter egg ideas.  Can you believe that's this Sunday already!?  Me neither!  You know I'm always on the look out for new ideas and ways I can incorporate seasonal decor into my less than traditional decor.


I'm loving this ombre idea from Country Living.
You could do this in any colorway and they would look lovely displayed in an apothecary jar!

#Easter #Eggs

These metallic dipped Easter eggs from Better Homes And Gardens are sure to add a touch of glamour to your Easter table!

Jen Ramos of Made By Girl is a talented artist.  This year she shared some Easter eggs painted in the same fashion as her highly sought after paintings!

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

I LOVE these gold leaf eggs from Sugar and Charm!

gorgeous Glitter Easter Eggs

Stef, over at girl. Inspired. shares full tutorial on these beauties so you can make some of your own!

DIY Easter Eggs.

Miss Renaissance shares a tutorial for these lovely little eggs as well!


How to make golden marbled Easter eggs ~ via

I imagine these would be fairly easy if you're already decorating eggs with your kiddos.  Just set a few colored ones aside and add some gold leaf.
Easy and beautiful!  What's not to love?

Krisin over at the Hunted Interior shared a great tutorial for decoupaging eggs.  I love the combo of the floral, mixed with the black and white!  Kristin knows how to make everything beautiful!!

As you well know, I am a fan of all things Chinoiserie!  Chinoiserie Easter eggs?!  I'll take it!!!  I absolutely LOVE THESE!  If you click on the link, she also shares a tutorial!!

How about you?  Have you ever tried any of these methods to spruce up your Easter table?  

I would love to hear about it!

I would also love to hear if you plan on giving any of these ideas a try!

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week Two

It's Thursday!  That means we're already sharing progress on the One Room Challenge.
In case you missed last week, this lovely high pressure bash has you redecorating one room in six weeks.
It's a bit nerve wracking, sure, but I also think it's kind of genius!  Last week, after the post I was actually featured over at The Decorista!!!  Whaaaaat?!  So, now the pressure is really on!  This super fab link up is hosted by Linda over at Calling It Home.  I've never seen so much inspiration in one link up party!!!

Last week I shared my room and my plan and here's what's happened so far.

You remember one of the first things I wanted to tackle was our buffet.

It was a dark eggplant.

And now...


It's white!!!  Lovely and white.  I feel like it brightened up the whole room!

There are a lot of shadows in this room, and for the life of me I can't get it to photograph properly, but it is so beautiful!!!

I played around with it a bit, just for fun, and I think it's going to be lovely to entertain with this piece!

I purchased this little Blanc de Chine lady at a resale shop this week. 
 I think she's going to feel right at home in this room!

I took the lighting options out of our storage space to get a look at it again.
I think this is the one we'll go with.

It's a six arm, which is what we have in there now, so the overhead lighting will be comparable to what we have now.  I'm afraid we won't get as much light with the pendant drum shade.  Plus, it was FREE!  You know, you just can't beat free!

I hung the chinoiserie panels on the wall and decided two things...

First, I LOVE the way they look in this room, they make the room feel bigger somehow!  Second, I do not love the way they look on the existing gray wall.  They just don't stand out enough.  I'm thinking I may need to make this an accent wall.  I'm also feeling like the arm chairs will be an accent color.

What colors, you ask?  That's a good question, I wish I knew the answer to that one!  
Which brings me to my next dilemma...

Here comes the hard part...the fabric and color choices for the room.  I keep waffling.  I really need to decide on a direction or I won't get any of it done!  HELP!!!

Here's a reminder of my fabric options along with the accent wall color, the other three walls will most likely be painted white.

This is why I'm waffling so badly...I love them both!  I asked Mr. Goodwill Glam if he had an opinion...he did not.  Most of my home is black and white with pops of color and since these both incorporate a lot of black and white, either will work.  The first option would tie back to the new pink sofa nicely.

I would really love some feedback from you all!  I've purchased the fabric for both options, just haven't been able to decide.  I feel like we're off to a good start with the white campaign dresser and deciding on the chandelier but I've got work to do!  During the next week, I want to begin painting and integrating the fabric choices into the room.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Classic, Timeless Decor You Can't Go Wrong With

Hi friends!!!  Today I wanted to share some tips and ideas on what I feel, is classic and timeless decor.  Sometimes, people struggle with decorating in two basic areas.  A lot feel intimidated to choose paint color.  It's just paint, it's inexpensive and if it's wrong, you can just repaint!  The next thing people seem to struggle with is picking decorative accessories.  I get that, there's a lot out there and it can be overwhelming and confusing.  Today, I'm going to share 3 ideas that are timeless and classic.  They go with virtually any decor, so they are really things you can't go wrong with!  Win win!

1.  Tortoise
Tortoise what, you ask?  Tortoise anything!  
Tortoise is a neutral, thus the reason you can use it in any room.

Here are a few ideas you can use.

Tortoise Glasses.

You may remember, I actually got mine at Hobby Lobby, but they no longer sell them.  Which makes me sad, because they were sooooo cheap!

Here is a lovely set on ebay, that also comes with a tray!  Only $30 for the set!  Such a great price on thise lovely set.

Image 1
Set of 4, $60

Tortoise Vases

matchbookmag:    The Matchbook girl…treats herself to fresh blooms! :) (Taken with instagram)

I see these in HomeGoods from time to time and the next time I see one, it's coming home!

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen...

this one I scored!  I don't think I mentioned it on instagram, but I found this one at Goodwill for $3.99!  See, it pays to thrift and thrift often!

2.  Blue and White Porcelain/China

Blue and white goes with anything.  
I decorate with a lot of black and white and blue and white look great with it!

See the little planter on the bottom shelf of my bar cart?  It looks great with all that black and white!

This one has a lid and I display it year round with and without blooms.
Both of these pieces were purchased at the thrift store and all together set me back about $5.

Here's something else that I just LOVE!

Shanghai Lotus Candle

3.  Staffordshire Dogs

Greek key Roman Shade, staffordshire dogs, campaign cabinetry  room by Design Manifest

Staffordshire-dog figurines and vases of flowers decorating a table

These porcelain pups have been around since the Victorian era.  They come in a variety of sizes, colors and price points.

Vintage Pair of Staffordshire Dogs

Purchase @ KembleRichards on Etsy  $78

Disraeli Hearth Dog England

Purchase @ allthatsvintage56 on Etsy  $45

2 Antique English Staffordshire Stoneware Pottery Dogs Set White Earthenware Mantle Dog Pair England

Purchase @ OldGLoriEstateSale $348

I love these little guys, but have not been fortunate enough to find an affordable pair.  Still on the hunt, though!  You know I'll find them eventually!  ;)

They really look gorgeous anywhere!

How about you?

Do you decorate with any of these classics?  I would love to hear about it!

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for my progress on the One Room Challenge!