Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five Under $5!!!

Hi there Glam readers!  It's Friday and we have a very promising weekend forecast here in Chicagoland, which is always a blessing this time of year.  I'm hoping to be outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather we're supposed to have.

Today, I have a fun group of things that you can pick up for $5 or less!

These metallic candles are just the thing to bring some sparkle into your home!  
The price is so low, you may want to pick up several.

Entertaining season is definitely coming fast!  If you're hosting some events this year, these guest napkins would be great to have on hand!  I think the color palate is refreshing because it's warm but doesn't scream "Fall".

If your friends are avid coffee drinkers like mine, you may want to have these on hand if your planning on having a lot of people over this holiday season.  This also makes a great gift!

If you have kids in your home, chances are you have a pretty impressive stock of melamine plates.  These might be the cutest I've seen and they're only $2 each!  So cute!

If you grab those cute plates, you'll definitely want these cups to go with them!

I hope you enjoyed today's round up and that you all have a wonderful weekend!

What amazing things do you have planned?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Project Reveal: Hot Mess Dresser Revamp

Hi Glam readers!  I have another furniture revamp to share with you!
Can I just say, if you happen to have a piece of furniture laying around that you hate, don't take it out on the furniture.  Don't wrap it in tape!  Seriously, most frustrating thing ever to try to remove from this one and quite a mess.

Granted, at first glance this one doesn't seem to have a lot of redeeming qualities.  I picked it up because I liked the brass detail and the indented lines, I felt like they could really be played up if highlighted in the proper way. 

Plus, it was solid wood and made by Baker, excellent quality that I knew would hold up.

It got a dose of high gloss white and I highlighted those inset lines with gold leaf.

Just the details it was begging for!!

So very glam now!!

These furniture pieces constantly remind me that even if something takes hard work, it can really be beautiful and it's worth all the work in the end!

How about you?  Have you revamped any furniture lately?

I would love to hear about it!!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Design: Glamour Found!

Hello Glam readers!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  
It went too fast for my liking, but it was fun around here.  

Last week, I popped into HomeGoods and just had to share some of my favorite things I spotted!

How fantastic is this gray tufted bench?  I think it would be lovely in so many spots.  Think bench seating in the dining room, an entryway, living room, bedroom sitting area.  The options are endless, especially with that neutral color palette!

When the weather starts to turn crisp, I like to layer in cozy textures like cable knit or faux fur.  These pillows were perfect for Fall and Winter!

You all know I love some blue and white!  I thing it's the perfect addition to just about any room.  It literally goes with everything.  They have a very impressive array of blue and white right now if you're looking to start or add to your collection!

This large gold, gazelle was beautiful in person.  I think he'd look quite handsome in a gallery wall!

I fell in love with this over sized ottoman.  Black velvet tufting and Lucite legs!  
Does it get any more glam than that?

They also had black sheepskin rugs!  You see them in white a lot, but it's rare to see them in black.  They are ridiculously soft!

How about you?  Have you spotted anything particularly glamorous lately?  
I would LOVE to hear about it, please share!!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five Under $5!!!!

Hi Glam readers!  It's Friday and the sun is shining!  Two reasons to rejoice!  The sun has been missing from Chicagoland since Sunday.  Ahem...that is a looong time in my book.
Thankfully, it's the perfect Autumn day today.  It really is the little things in life.
Today I have a round up of little finds that I think you'll love!

How amazing is this white and gold dish set I spotted at Home Goods?
The salad plates have the perfect amount of sparkle to spruce up your dinner parties for the upcoming holidays.  The best part?  They are just $3.99 each!

I love the white and gold scalloped mugs they had as well!  Just $3.99 as well.

I stopped into World Market this week and they had some really fun stuff on sale.  Also, if you are part of their explorer program the clearance is an additional 50% off!

I love those plates and the deep jewel tones are perfect for Fall.  Just $3.48 and half off that if you're part of the program!

I'm not the kind of Mom that would have a tattoo...I'm far too chicken.  But a tattoo mug??!  I could totally rock that!  It's on sale for just $2.98.

I definitely need to invest in some of these ceramic travel coffee mugs!  Mostly because, I need more options for drinking more coffee throughout the day, but also because they are so cute!  Just $4.48.
Which one would you pick?  I think I need all three!

There's today's roundup!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!

Anything fabulous planned?  I would love to hear about it!


PS.  This post is in no way sponsored by World Market or HomeGoods, I just happen to love these items and these prices!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

YOUR Goodwill Glam Finds!!!!

Hi friends!  Today, I'm featuring some of your thrifted and second hand finds!

How fab are these faux bamboo chairs Instagram follower @casacavaliere scored on craigslist!!!
Seriously good  bones there!  I can't wait to see what she does with them!

@Casacavaliere also scored some amazing vintage glassware and those brass and lucite candlesticks are KILLING it!

Clearly, she has a very good eye and some serious thrifting mojo, I think we could be besties.

I'm loving this vignette shared by @louloumint9260 on Instagram.  She also has an etsy shop you should definitely check out!  Love the vintage Ringling Bros poster!

Last, but not least, you know I love all things blue and white!  These lovely finds were shared by @thecollectedhome on Instagram!

I can't wait to see what you all find next!  Don't forget to share with me on instagram!

Tag @goodwillglamblog

Hashtag:  #goodwillglamfind

Keep those great finds coming!

Happy hump day everyone!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Color Crush: Decorating With Pops Of Orange

Perhaps you came downstairs this morning and you were greeted by the same dismal gray Autumn sky that seems to be covering the landscape here in Chi-town.  If so, I hope today's post brightens your day!

Orange is synonymous with Fall because of pumpkins and changing leaves but it doesn't have to scream Halloween.  I really love decorating for Fall, but this year our home is a bit different than last year with brighter pops of color and a true orange would be just the right color to inject for the season!

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Take a Tour Lauren Conrad's Gorgeous Condo

That orange tufted couch is just the right touch in the midst of an otherwise neutral room!


The pop of orange is unexpected on this traditional piece and again, it would be perfect in a neutral space!

Red gets a lot of attention for a front door color, but I like the orange here.  It's unexpected and fresh for a pop of color on a door.

ORANGE Pillows.ALL SIZES.Decorative Pillow Cover.Housewares.Decor.Pillows.Cushion.Cm.Orange Cushion.Orange Pillows.Cm.Greek Key.Pillow Cover

The above pillow cover is available from etsy and starts at just $10.00!

30 Welcoming Guest Bedroom Design Ideas | Decorative Bedroom

This room has fairly muted colors and the orange throw pillow bring just enough color to give the room a fun edge!

fun bedroom - happy colors!  I love the lamp mixed with the orange and pink.

This space featured in Better Homes and Gardens is one of my favorites!!
Again, this room has pops of bright colors paired with neutrals that totally make the space work.

This week, I'm going to be looking for ways to incorporate this fun, Fall color into our space and I'll keep you posted as it goes!

A little more inspiration for your Monday....


Happy Monday!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five Under $5!!!

Hi Glam readers!  We've made it to Friday again!
It's chilly here in Chicagoland and it seems that all my kiddos can talk about is Halloween and what they want to dress up as.
This week, I've found everything you need to throw a Fall/Halloween bash on a serious budget!

Target has everything you need and it's all on SALE!

Cute orange polka dot paper straws for just $1.50.

Favor bags for just $1.50.

Paper lanterns for $2.10.

Stripped napkins for $1.40.

Honeycomb hanging decor for $1.75.

I love that these aren't overtly "Halloween" themed!  It makes them much more versatile and less frightening for little ones.

Now you can go out and throw your own bash!

Happy Weekend!