Monday, September 29, 2014

Project Reveal! Bookcase Makover

Happy Monday Glam readers!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
As you know, I've been very busy around here with furniture projects and today, I wanted to share one of the latest.

You may remember this piece from a sneak peek I gave a couple of weeks ago.
I love the amazing lines on it!  It was a hutch with doors attached, but my friend wanted to use it as a bookcase instead, so we removed the doors.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the back wall of the bookcase has a really cool gold finish with black details.  My friend wanted it refinished black, so we decided to keep the gold and add some more gold details.

My friend, Ginger, is using it in her office which was just redone.

Here are some other views of her gorgeous office so you can get an idea of how it fits in to the design scheme.

Glam little coffee station and gallery wall!

LOVE the way it turned out and how it fits in with the rest of the room!

Just beautiful!

Don't forget when you're out there looking for furniture to repurpose, sometimes you can use a piece in a new way.  This former hutch works wonderfully as a bookcase in an office!  Don't be afraid to think outside of the box!

I hope you enjoyed this makeover!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five Under $5!!

Hi Glam readers!  It's Friday!  We have a big weekend planned with a party for my son and it's looking like the weather is going to cooperate beautifully!

I had quite a bit of running around to do this week for the party, 
so my finds are from two different places.

These cute french milk bottles are from Old Time Pottery.  I love the idea of keeping milk in glass bottles because it gets so much colder in glass!  The french design on these also make my heart sing.  The large ones are $4.99 and the smaller ones are just $3.99

These beautiful drink pitchers are also from Old Time Pottery and also just $4.99!  I love that they come in different colors and the price is perfect!

This time of year, I'm always on the lookout for more coffee cups and mugs because they tend to be a bit more glam this time of year.  Also because I drink a LOT of warm beverages starting around this time of year.  I drink coffee every day, of course, but once the temperature begins to dip down I start drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea to try to stay warm!

All of these coffee mugs are available from Target and are $4.99.

Love the "Warm and Cozy" statement mug!

I also love these gold initial mugs from Target.  I think I'm going to need to grab a couple of these!

I hope you enjoyed this week's round up!

Any great weekend plans?


I would love to hear about it!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fashion Files! Black and Gold

Hi Glam readers!  I'm sharing another fashion files post today.

This is a dressier look.  Black always lends itself to dressy.

The dress is a Missoni pleated maxi skirt with chevron detail at the bottom.

I found it at Goodwill for $3.99.

The gold pumps are Colin Stuart and were brand new!  My friend, Melissia, bought them for me when she was here visiting from Florida.

We found them at the same Goodwill and I think they were $6.99!
Thank you, Melissia!  I love them!

To simplify the look, I just paired it with a black v neck t-shirt, I think I got it at Target on clearance for less than $5.

There you have it.  You can even do a dressier look for less than $20!

I hope you're enjoying the fashion files.  Since our weather is turning crisp, the next few things I'll be sharing will be more transitional outfits.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Mid Century Credenza Goes Glam!!!

Hi Glam readers!  It's Monday again and Fall has officially begun.  I told you a few weeks ago that I have a lot of furniture projects to share with you and today I'm sharing one of my favorites!

I found this credenza/dresser and I loved the lines, but the finish left quite a lot to be desired.

I loved the lines, the brass details on the doors and the angled doors.  It seems that they did a lot in the mid century with this greenish tan finish, which just felt a bit dull.
However, the beauty of these pieces is in the amazing construction, solid wood and unique shapes.

I thought it could be amazing if it was refinished.

It definitely has a Hollywood Regency feel now with the new black and white finish!

The brass details on the doors pop so much more now!

It's hard to believe it's the same dresser!

There's nine drawers and even the inside drawers look so much better refinished.

What do you think?

I love it so much more now!
I can't wait to share more projects with you!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five Under $5! All About The Pumpkin

Hey Glam readers!  It's Friday, you made it!

For today's round up, I thought I would round up all things pumpkin in celebration of the impending Autumn.

How cute is this little Halloween countdown?!  If you have little people in your home, you probably need this, I know my kiddos would love it!

It's just $4.99 and it's available at World Market

One of my favorite things about Fall is all the amazing smelling and tasting food!  This pumpkin pancake mix is also available from World Market for just $3.99!

How cute are these pumpkin bakers?!  They are available in orange and white at World Market and they're on sale for just $3.99!

This pumpkin butter sounds like the perfect Fall treat!  Also available at World Market and just $4.99.  It would be the perfect addition to a Fall brunch!

Last, but not least, I love the vintage inspired design of this kitchen towel.  This one is available at World Market as well and is just $4.99.

There you have it!  A round up of some Fall favorites!

I hope you enjoyed today's roundup and that you have something wonderful planned for this weekend!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fashion Files: Wear It Now, Wear It Later!

Hey Glam readers!  Although the calendar still technically says "Summer", Autumn is definitely peeking its head around here.  Today, I thought I would share my solution for transitioning into Fall, still using your Summer staples.

I'm a huge fan of ladylike style and one of my go-to outfits for Summer is an a-line skirt with a t-shirt and sandals.

This might be my new favorite skirt!  I love the lemon pattern, it reminds me of the Kate Spade lemon line.

I paired it with a simple, Kelly green top.

Add some neutral, heeled sandals and it's easy and comfy!

For an easy Fall transition, just add a cardigan and belt and some suede wedges.

Truthfully, on any given day here you could wear both looks right now.  It may be in the upper 60s or 70s in the day, but by nightfall it's chilly.  That's what I love about this easy transition!

How about a cost breakdown?

The lemon skirt is Talbots and I purchased it from an instagram resale site, that you should definitely follow!


She sells lots of Talbots, JCrew, Anthropologie.  All my favorites!

Talbots Lemon Skirt:  $10
Kelly Green Top:  Goodwill $3.99
Neutral Vera Wang Sandals:  Goodwill $4.99
Black Cardigan:  Goodwill $2.99
Belt:  Ross $1.50
Brown Wedges:  Target...very old but purchased on clearance (I never pay full price for anything)  $8.

So you can see, thrifting is the perfect way to amp up your wardrobe with versitle pieces.  Especially as the seasons change.

Have you found any great wardrobe staples while thrifting?  I would LOVE to hear about it!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

YOUR Goodwill Glam Finds!!!!

Hello Glam readers!  You may remember a few weeks ago, I invited you to submit your Goodwill Glam finds.  Anything awesome you've found at thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, consignment shops, etc.  I'm loving the response I've had on instagram and today, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

The above photo was submitted by staciashrestha.  You all know I love all things vintage and the lucite tissue holder is the definition of glam!  There are few things I love more than vintage art work and portraits especially are some of my favorites.  They have so much soul!

This awesome federal mirror and chinoiserie artwork was also submitted by staciashrestha.  All I have to say is...girl, you know how to find some awesome stuff!  I feel like we could be thrifting soul sisters!

Last, but not least, this photo was submitted by jenniferdimplesandtangles.  Jennifer is my blogging buddy, she blogs over at Dimples and Tangles.  Her blog is one of my favorites so definitely go check her out when you have a chance!

Those awesome cane border salad plates were a Goodwill Glam find.  Love it, Jennifer! I need something tartan!

I would love to make this a weekly feature!  Tag me on instagram with your Goodwill Glam finds!

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Keep those great finds coming!